History - Fun Robotics


Fun Robotics is the first KHDA-approved specialized robotics center in Dubai. It aims
at providing children and youngsters with the right skills to expedite their
learning, especially in STEM-related fields, and to express their creativity.
Fun robotics is about helping children exploring their
potentials and developing their life skills.

What We Do

We provide children with a continuous fun and interactive learning experience in a safe and healthy environment using robotics along with other supporting programs. We provide schools and teachers with the opportunity to utilize robotics in the educational process through a series of TOT programs and specialized consultancy. We provide children, parents, teachers, schools and all interested parties with an interactive network utilizing our established relations with highly recognized institutions in the region and the world.

Our Vision

We aspire to become a recognized knowledge producing body in the field of robotics as we constantly work towards contributing to create a paradigm shift in the educational preferences of students towards STEM-related fields as a direct and indirect impact of what we do. Our vision is to build a new generation of students that is positive, confident, equipped, empowered, and capable of satisfying its basic needs without depending on others.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is two-fold. We strongly believe that all children are creative by nature. All needed is to unleash their potentials for creativity. Our name represents what we believe in; there is no reason why learning shouldn’t be FUN!

Why Robotics

Robotics is an exciting way to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) together to a classroom with LOTS OF FUN. Robotics is an engaging activity. Students get involved in situations where they are required to do math,programming, scientific process, project management, systems, problem solving,teamwork, and communication skills. The skill sets students learn as they work with robotics can easily be transferred to careers and professions. In addition, the study of robotics allows teachers to introduce or reinforce many applied physics concepts.



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