Loyalty Program


Loyalty Program: to our loyal customers, we are giving a special discount with every course taken as the following: 10% on the 2nd course, 15% on the 3rd course, 20% on the 4th course, 25% on the 5th course, 30% on the 6th course, 35% on the 7th course,40% on the 8th course,45% on the 9th course and 50% on each course after the 9th.


Early Bird Discount: registration during the specified early bird period entitles students for 10% discount.

Complete the registration fees for Summer Camp Week 1 before the 24th of June to receive a 10% early bird discount.

Complete the registration fees 2 weeks prior to attendance for the other weeks to receive a 10% early bird discount.
Sibling Discount: second sibling is entitled for a 10% discount.


Referral Discount: The referring person is entitled for 10% discount for each person referred and registered.


*Kindly note that discounts may not be combined. However, if you are eligible for more than 2 discounts, you will get the highest percentage of discounts among these that are applicable to you.

*Discounts are not applicable for competitions training.

*This program is valid for Summer Camp 2017


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